Together we can become world leaders in recycling


recycle to protect the environment (The Recycling Barometer 2023)

41 kg

food waste per person was collected last year (Swedish Waste Management 2022)


of all packaging must be recycled into new products (Government's target for 2029)

Why should I sort my waste?

Your rubbish can contain both valuable and dangerous substances. Sorting waste can save lots of resources and protect both people and the environment.

Why should I sort my waste?
Butik Pant

Recycle here

Here you get an overview of different places that receive your waste.

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Who does what in Swedish waste management?

There are many people who contribute to the good management of our waste. Here you can see what you and others are expected to do.

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Four tips to reduce waste


Drink tap water

The transportation of 1 liter of packaged water results in more than a thousand times the carbon dioxide emissions compared to the same amount of tap water


Second Hand

More than half of the discarded clothes could be reused. Instead, donate them to a second-hand store and buy from there yourself.


No plastic bag for the fruit

Plastic bags are said to be used on average for 25 minutes. If they end up in nature, they can cause significant harm to wildlife.


Skip the fast food

Often, there is a lot of waste generated when consuming fast food, and everything requires resources to produce and recycle.