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Recycling centres

The municipalities’ manned recycling centres accept most types of household waste, except for what you throw in the normal bin.


Recycling centres accept the following:

  • bulky waste, such as broken furniture and other furnishings
  • garden waste
  • hazardous waste, such as electrical and electronic waste and paint
  • scrap metal, including your old frying pan
  • small amounts of construction waste
  • soil, stone and concrete

They also often accept packaging, such as large cardboard boxes or styrofoam that cannot be discarded in the containers at recycling stations. Many recycling centres also accept clothing or items that can be reused. Recycling centres have staff who can help you if you have any questions.

Recycling centres can also go by other names, such as recycling yards, recycling parks, reuse centres and more.

There are some things that you normally cannot discard at a recycling centre:

  • residual waste and food waste – put it in the designated bin where you live
  • tyres – take these to a place that sells tyres
  • medicines – take these to a pharmacy (except for cancer medicines, which are accepted at the recycling centre)
  • propane tanks – take these to a place that sells propane
  • fireworks – take these to a place that sells fireworks

Last updated: 2024-01-22