Plastic packaging

All plastic packaging, both hard and soft, must be sent for recycling.

Examples of plastic packaging include plastic carrier bags, plastic bags, plastic tubes, refill packs, plastic film and foil, inner bags in, for example, cereal packs, bottles, jars, small cans and buckets (jam, yoghurt), chip bags and styrofoam, including meat and fish trays.

Take your plastic packaging to a recycling station. Addresses to the recycling stations can be found at FTI (Förpackningsinsamlingen). There, you can also see which packaging you can leave at which station, and when a recycling station is emptied and cleaned.

If there is a collection point for plastic packaging near or at your property, you can dispose of it there. Many of the municipalities’ manned recycling centres also have collection containers for the recycling of packaging.

Remove caps and lids. Empty your bag of plastic packaging into the container so that they lie there loosely. This facilitates recycling.

  • Plastic returnable bottles should be taken back to a shop to receive the deposit back.
  • Large plastic packaging that does not fit into the opening of the container must be taken to a municipal recycling centre.
  • Storage boxes for e.g. CDs, video cassettes, board games, and plastic flower pots should be discarded as residual waste.

Items that are not packaging – children’s sledges, laundry baskets, furniture, etc. – are discarded as plastic waste at your recycling centre if they have the fraction. If not, they are discarded as bulky waste. Check with the staff at your recycling centre. 

Remember that if the packaging has any leftover glue, paint, solvent or similar, it should be handed in as hazardous waste. The same applies to plastic electrical items.

If the can or bottle is marked with any of the three symbols above, it should be disposed of as hazardous waste at the municipality’s collection point, even if it is completely empty and dry. In other words, it must not be discarded at a recycling station for packaging.

Last updated: 2022-04-26