Paper packaging

Paper packaging can become new paper packaging, but only if you hand it in for recycling.

Examples of paper packaging include pasta and cereal boxes, milk and juice cartons, sugar and flour bags, dog food bags, paper carrier bags, corrugated boxes from TVs, stereos, furniture, packing paper, etc.

Take your paper packaging to a recycling station. Addresses to the recycling stations can be found at FTI (Förpackningsinsamlingen). There, you can also see which packaging you can leave at which station, and when a recycling station is emptied and cleaned.

If there is a collection point for paper packaging near or at your property, you can dispose of it there. Many of the municipalities’ manned recycling centres also have collection containers for the recycling of packaging.

Please remove plastic caps and dispose of them with plastic packaging. And remember that newspapers, catalogues and similar items should be placed in the container for newspapers and recyclable paper. Envelopes should be placed in the residual waste bin.

Last updated: 2022-04-26