Newspapers and other printed matter

Newspapers, magazines, catalogues, advertising leaflets and other printed matter – they all can be recycled.

Put daily and weekly newspapers, magazines, catalogues (mail order, telephone and travel catalogues), advertising leaflets, brochures, office paper, writing and drawing paper and paperback books in the recycling container for newspapers and recyclable paper. They all can be recycled.

Remove plastic wrappers from magazines and advertising, and dispose of them as plastic packaging. The packing paper used as packaging for printer paper is disposed of as paper packaging.

You do not need to remove staples, spiral bindings and the like from magazines or notebooks. They are sorted out with the help of magnets and sent to metal recycling.

On 1 January 2022, the municipalities took over responsibility for collecting recyclable paper, a role previously handled by the producers via FTI (Förpackningsinsamlingen). How collection takes place varies from municipality to municipality. Most people will not notice the change, but check with your municipality to see how it works in your area. 

If there is a collection point for newspapers near or at your property, you can dispose of them there. Many of the municipalities’ manned recycling centres also have collection containers for the recycling of packaging and newspapers.

Paper that should not be put in the newspaper recycling container includes envelopes and bound books. These should instead be disposed of as residual waste. Milk cartons, packing paper and similar items are placed in the container for paper packaging.

Last updated: 2022-05-04