Facts about waste management

Property owners

In tenant-owned housing and apartment blocks, the property owner is responsible for organising waste collection.

Housing associations and apartment block owners must ensure that residents can discard their rubbish near their homes.

Responsibilities of property owners

The municipality can stipulate in its waste regulations that property owners must sort bulky waste and keep it separate from other waste. Property owners include owners of individual properties and owners of apartment blocks.

It is up to the property owner and the property occupier to decide how the sorting requirement will be met, on or near the property (special space in the building, subscription to collection at certain intervals, green building on the property, or jointly with another property, etc.). The municipality cannot impose requirements on how the sorting requirement is to be met.

As the waste regulations are mandatory, a property owner cannot contract out of the obligation to provide bulky waste sorting through the lease.

Property owners are allowed to take bulky waste to the municipal recycling centre themselves. This does not conflict with the municipality’s exclusive right to transport municipal waste when this possibility is regulated in the municipality's waste regulations.

Last updated: 2023-08-17