Sort & Recycle

Practical advice and tips

We have gathered some practical advice and tips here to make sorting easier.

  • Cut off both the lid and the bottom of food tins, so you can flatten them. This saves a lot of space.
  • Pack smaller paper packaging inside larger packaging, so it takes up less space both under the sink and at the recycling station. An empty milk carton takes the same space as five that have been flattened out.
  • Put a string under the pile of newspapers so it is easy to tie them up when it is time to take them away. But do not forget to remove the string before putting the newspapers in the container.
  • Drain your food waste thoroughly before putting it in your compost bin or in the collection bin.
  • There are many companies that sell different solutions for sorting waste. Search online for “recycling bin” or “sorting bin” and you will get a lot of hits.
  • Label the bins, both in the kitchen and in the rubbish room. This will make it easier for the whole family, and remind you which rubbish needs to be sorted and how. Decals can be ordered from places like Förpacknings- och Tidningsinsamlingen (FTI).
  • If you do not have space for multiple waste bins, you can collect all packaging in a bag or stackable baskets and then do your sorting in the rubbish room or at the recycling station.
  • Turn an old ice cream container into your own battery bin.
  • Collect light bulbs in a cookie jar.
  • Collect all metal waste that is not packaging in a separate jar and take it with you when you go to the recycling centre.

Last updated: 2024-02-14