Metal packaging

Turn in all metal packaging for recycling. This includes small packaging, like caps, lids, the foil on a crème fraiche container, and screw caps. Everything is important.

Food tins, spray cans, tubes, caps, lids, and dry paint cans (scraped out and dry) are examples of metal packaging. 

Take your metal packaging to a recycling station. Addresses to the recycling stations can be found at FTI (Förpackningsinsamlingen). There, you can also see which packaging you can leave at which station, and when a recycling station is emptied and cleaned. 

If there is a collection point for metal packaging near or at your property, you can dispose of it there. Many of the municipalities’ manned recycling centres also have collection containers for the recycling of packaging.

  • Metal cans with leftover paint or solvent must be handed in as hazardous waste so they can be disposed of properly. Cans that are completely scraped out and dry can be placed in the container for metal packaging.
  • Metal electrical and electronic products must be disposed of as e-waste; see e-waste.
  • Metal items that are not packaging, such as holders from tea lights, pitch torches and grave candles as well as frying pans, cutlery and metal buckets, must be handed in at a recycling centre as bulky waste. Do not forget to remove the wick holder from the tea light cup; otherwise, the cup will be sorted out with iron and the aluminium will burn up in the smelter. 
  • Returnable cans should be taken back to a shop to receive the deposit back.

Last updated: 2022-04-26